Top 5 E Liquid Label Mistakes Avoid Blurry Images

5 E-Liquid Label Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Things To Avoid When Designing E-Liquid Labels

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Designing beautiful labels for your e-liquid is crucial if you want to succeed in a highly competitive industry. Your labels are the face of your brand and will be seen by every potential customer, so it’s essential that they look great and accurately represent your company’s philosophy.

As well as providing crucial product information, they will be placed on shelves alongside rival brands, so they need to stand out and catch potential customers’ attention. A badly designed label can turn customers away before they even pick up your product.

If you’re looking for a white label e-liquid supplier and want bespoke, custom label design for your vape brand, we can help. We have over 800 white label e-liquid flavours in our catalogue, with options for both simple and intricate label design to save you the hassle of creating a label yourself.

We can also register your e-liquids for TPD compliance on your behalf, allowing you more time to spend on marketing your brand.

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Tips From Our E-Liquid Label Design Team

Our in house label design team has massive experience and have designed thousands of e-liquid labels, including for hugely successful e-liquid brands like Psycho Bunny and Milkshake. When it comes to label design, they know what works and what doesn’t.

Using their experience, we’ve compiled a list of common mistakes that e-liquid brands make when creating labels for their products. We’ve listed 5 things to avoid when creating your e-liquid label, so you can learn from others’ mistakes and make sure your labels look great but also increase sales.

1. Avoid Blurry Images

Top 5 E Liquid Label Mistakes Avoid Blurry Images

Probably the most common mistake e-liquid companies make when designing their e-liquid labels is blurry images. Sometimes the logo has pixellated edges, sometimes fine details aren’t designed properly for printing, sometimes colours bleed onto others and distort each other.

Blurry e-liquid labels will make your brand look poor quality and give the impression your brand doesn’t pay attention to details. If you can’t make a label look good, how good will your e-liquids be?

When designing your label branding, use icons and images that scale well, are high definition and without pixellated edges. This will make your bottles look high quality and will help them stand out on the shelf.

2. Don't Change Designs Between Flavours Too Much

Top 5 E-Liquid Label Mistakes Too Much Variation

You should avoid changing your branding too much between different e-liquid flavours or sizes. Wildly different labels will confuse your customers and you won’t be able to take advantage of brand loyalty if potential buyers can’t recognise your products easily.

Make sure you keep your brand style consistent across all of your product types, so people recognise your company before even reading the bottle.

However, it’s important to help your customers easily tell the difference between nicotine strengths, flavours and bottle sizes. Include small variations between different products to make sure important things are clear.

For example, you could include a small icon on your label, with different colours for different nicotine strengths which appear consistently across all your products. It helps to keep them the same size and on the same location of the bottle, so customers can become familiar with your labels.

That way you can help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for, but still be able to recognise your brand.

3. Don’t Use Colours That Don’t Match The Flavour

Top 5 E Liquid Label Mistakes, Wrong Colour Choice

This appears obvious but is a crucial mistake often made by e-liquid companies. If customers are looking for a strawberry flavoured e-liquid, they’re probably looking for the colour red to catch their eye, rather than reading every individual label.

Potential customers would be unlikely to notice your brand’s strawberry flavour if the label was blue. Using the right colours will convey as much information to the customer as any amount of text can. A well-thought-out colour scheme will help your customers find their favourite flavours quickly and from a distance.

Make sure you’re using obvious colour schemes for all your liquids. Menthol and mint flavours tend to be blue or green, tobacco flavours are often brown or gold and fruit flavours should match the colour of the fruit they’re based on.

Stick with simple colour schemes for your flavours and keep them consistent across bottle sizes and nicotine strengths.

4. Avoid Overly Complex Labels With Tiny Details

Top 5 E-Liquid Label Mistakes Too Complex For Printing

Make sure you use simple shapes for your logo and your labels. Choose images that print clearly and say a lot with a little. As we mentioned previously, your bottles will likely be placed alongside rival brands, which means your e-liquids need to stand out from the crowd to beat the competition.

This doesn’t mean you can’t create intricate designs for your brand marketing. It means you should stay realistic. A beautiful, complex marketing image with layers of different shapes and colours can work brilliantly online or in a magazine.

However, you may find that printing that same design onto a small, round 10ml bottle may deliver very different results. Parts may not print clearly, edges may blur and small details may not show.

When designing your labels, focus on condensing the branding down to its core elements; with simple shapes and iconic colour schemes. Keep it clean, but effective. Simple logos stand out, are quickly recognisable and can be seen from a distance.

Consider some famous brand logos from across the globe. From Nike to McDonald’s, almost every brand uses simple shapes that are easy to print and recognisable from a distance. Keep this in mind when designing your e-liquid labels.

5. Don’t Use Too Much Text

Top 5 E Liquid Label Mistakes Too Much Text

One of the most common issues with e-liquid labels is too much text. Obviously, it’s important to inform customers about your product. However, text doesn’t stand out, is often too small to read on a 10ml bottle and will not be visible from a distance.

There is limited space to work with on a small 10ml bottle. It’s essential to make the most out of every square millimetre that you can. Done properly, an image or an icon can say a lot more than written text can.

In the UK, e-liquid bottles containing nicotine must have certain warning and safety information on them (we provide this with our free e-liquid label templates). This means bottles already have a lot of text on them. Adding even more text will make it difficult for your customers to easily see what the e-liquid is and will likely put them off.

Remember, there are better ways of communicating product information to your customers than with text. Keep text to a minimum and use it only where necessary (brand name, nic strength or specific flavour name).

Need Help Designing Your E-Liquid Labels?
We Can Help.

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With these 5 tips, you can hit the ground running and learn from others’ mistakes to create perfect e-liquid labels for your brand. If you’re looking for a white label e-liquid supplier for your vape brand, you can order from us online or get in touch with us.

If you’re worried about designing your own labels, we can help. We offer a bespoke label design service for all of our e-liquids. You will work with our experienced in-house design team to create bespoke, custom labels that make your brand stand out on the shelf. 

Once you’re happy with the design, we will fill, print, label and dispatch your custom e-liquids to your door within seven working days. 

You can also use our simple label design service, where you upload your logo after payment confirmation and we will print and label your bottles with your logo and colour scheme. This is a more affordable option and production will start as soon as our design team have received your logo and confirmed it is suitable (sufficient resolution, no copyright issues etc.).

Leave a comment below or get in touch if you have more questions that we haven’t covered in this article.