How To Start An E-Liquid Brand With White Label Vape Manufacturing

How To Start Your Own E-Liquid Brand

Start Your Own Vape Juice Company With Our White Label E-Liquids

white label shortfill and e-liquid range

With ultra-low MOQs and affordable prices, our white label e-liquid service can help you start your own vape juice brand from scratch!

It’s A Great Time To Start An E-Liquid Brand!

Starting any company is no easy task, but can be especially daunting in a highly competitive industry like vaping and e-liquids. But given the 2022 vaping boom in the UK, there hasn’t been a better time to start your own vape juice brand. In 2021 alone, the UK vape market generated around £2.5 billion in revenue.

The growth of the e-cigarette and vape juice market shows no sign of slowing down. This presents a perfect opportunity for new vape stores and e-liquid brands to get in on the action.

Online, Offline or Both?

It couldn’t be easier to start your own vaping or e-liquid company. Firstly, decide if you want your vape company to be online only, in store only, or both. 

We recommend starting with online-only business to begin with, as this greatly reduces the start-up cost compared to renting, branding and running a brick and mortar store.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, it’s fairly straightforward to start your own website using WordPress, Shopify or HubSpot. These services will help you set up a domain (web address) and take you through all the steps to get your site up and running.

Start An E-Liquid Brand Easily With White Label Liquids

Worried about the upfront costs of making e-liquids? There’s a simple solution…

What Is White Label?

White label just means without branding. You can buy e-liquids in plain bottles so you can create your own label designs and sell them as your own vape juice brand. 

It’s an ultra low cost way to sell e-liquids as you don’t need to invest in expensive filling and labelling machines, flavour artists and other expensive investments.

Start your own vape brand with Vape Manufacturing and OEM E-Liquid Manufacturer

Order as little as 24 units!

Vape Manufacturing offer some of the lowest MOQs (minimum order quantities) on the UK market. This is a low cost and low risk way of ordering your e-liquids, instead of being forced to order hundreds of units of one flavour only to find out they aren’t popular with your customers. 

Figuring out which flavours are best for your customers needs a bit of patience. You’ll begin to learn which flavours, nicotine strengths and bottle sizes are most popular, and more importantly, are most profitable for your brand. 

With our ultra low MOQ options, you can reduce your costs and avoid being stuck with mountains of stock you can’t sell.

Choose tried and tested flavours for your e-liquid brand

Now, the really important stuff – choosing the e-liquids you want to sell. White label services like Vape Manufacturing make this incredibly easy, with ultra low MOQ (minimum order quantities) available from as little as 24 bottles.

With over 800 TPD registered flavours available, you can pick and choose from our premium and classic flavour catalogue that you want on your shelves. If you’re after more bespoke flavours, get in touch with us and we can work with our in-house flavour team to create something unique for your brand (MOQ may change for custom/bespoke flavours).

We can register your liquids for TPD compliance for you!

In the UK, all nicotine-containing e-liquids must be registered with the MHRA under TPD & TRPR compliance laws. This can be time consuming and complicated. However, if you order from Vape Manufacturing, we can do all the hard work for you. 

Simply choose the option to add TPD compliance when you’ve chosen your products and we will register them with the relevant authorities on your behalf, saving you time and therefore money!

Create Your Custom E-Liquid Label Designs

Now it’s to design your e-liquid and nic salt label branding. We offer both simple and intricate label design options, as well as free e-liquid label templates to help you get your branding perfect from the get-go.

Designing your own labels? Read our blog on the top five e-liquid label mistakes to avoid, written by our in house label design team!

Simple Custom Labels for E-Liquids

Our simple label designs are the easiest way to get your own logo branding on your e-liquids. Just select ‘Simple Label Design’ and once you’ve paid for your liquids, you can upload your logo. We will get in touch to confirm we’ve received your upload and have verified your branding will work well when printed within 24 hours.

select simple label design

We also provide free e-liquid label templates for our customers to use to make their unique branding. Simply download the file from the product page and use it to make your own design.

It’s a great way to make sure your logo will work well when printed on a bottle and contains all the required warning and health and safety labels needed for nicotine-containing products.

Intricate & Bespoke Labelling for E-Liquids & Nic Salts

If you choose intricate label designs, we will work with you to create more bespoke branding for your brand. This will give you more flexibility than simple label designs with a logo and colour scheme. Our in-house design team will work with you to get your branding looking exactly the way you want it. 

Intricate labels can take longer to create than simple label designs but will help your brand stand out from the crowd and help you to establish your brand in the market. We will only start printing once you’re happy with the final design and we have confirmed it is able to be printed at a high quality.

Then we’ll get to work filling, printing, labelling, packaging and delivering your custom branded e-liquids to your door.

Time to start selling!

Once you’re custom branded nic salts and e-liquids have been delivered, the rest is up to you. Once we’ve got your designs, you can simply reorder with us whenever you need new stock – without having to re-upload label designs.

You can then start to increase your flavour range, nicotine options and bottle sizes as you start to learn what kind of liquids your customers enjoy the most, helping you increase profits and build your brand in a highly competitive industry.

If you have any more questions, please get in touch with our team and we’ll give you all the support and advice you need to start your own e-liquid brand!