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What are OEM e-liquids and vapes?

What is OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacturing, commonly known as OEM, is a foundational concept in various industries, playing a pivotal role in the vaping sector. OEM refers to the production of goods by one company, which are then branded and sold by another. This model is particularly beneficial for companies aiming to market products without bearing the full burden of manufacturing them. In the context of vaping, OEM allows for a symbiotic relationship between manufacturers and brands, enabling each to concentrate on their strengths: manufacturing and marketing, respectively.

The OEM model offers a streamlined approach to product development and distribution. Companies can focus on areas like brand development, marketing, and customer service, leaving the intricate processes of manufacturing to those with the expertise and facilities. This collaboration not only maximises efficiency but also fosters innovation, as brands can leverage the manufacturing capabilities of their partners to bring unique products to market.

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Bespoke vape flavours with OEM e-liquid manufacturing.

Create unique e-liquid flavours with our OEM services, or choose from tried and tested flavours that are guaranteed best-sellers.

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Custom labelling for e-liquid bottles with OEM.

Make your bottle stand out on the shelf with bespoke label design and printing for a range of bottle sizes.

branded CDU

Bespoke packaging with OEM vape services.

OEM e-liquid services also provide branded and custom CDUs that can make an e-liquid range stand out from the crowd.

What is OEM E-Liquid?

In the vaping world, OEM e-liquid represents a bespoke service enabling vape brands to curate their own distinctive e-liquid ranges. This service is not merely about supplying a generic product; it’s about crafting a unique product line that aligns with a brand’s identity and customer preferences. OEM e-liquids allow brands to specialise in flavours, ingredients, and packaging that resonate with their target audience, offering a personalised vaping experience.

The process involves collaborating with manufacturers who possess the necessary expertise and infrastructure to produce e-liquids. Brands can dictate specifics like flavour profiles, nicotine strength, and bottle sizes, while the manufacturer handles the complexities of production. This collaboration is crucial for brands looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, offering them a way to create a product line that stands out.

OEM Bar Salts

OEM bar salts allow our customers to create their very own bar salts range – a bespoke nic salt range that is designed to closely replicate the intense flavours often associated with disposable vapes.

They are a slightly different take on the original nic salt formula and allow customers to bring their favourite disposable bar flavours into 10ml bottles for use in refillable devices like vape pods.

Is OEM E-Liquid the Same as OEM Vape?

It’s important to distinguish between OEM e-liquids and OEM vapes, as they refer to different aspects of the vaping industry. OEM vapes generally refer to the hardware, which includes devices like disposable vapes, mods, and pods. On the other hand, OEM e-liquids pertain exclusively to the vape juice – the concoction of flavours, nicotine, and other ingredients.

While both fall under the umbrella of OEM in the vaping industry, they cater to different needs and involve different manufacturing processes. OEM vapes focus on the technological and engineering aspects of vaping devices, while OEM e-liquids are centred around the chemical and flavour formulations of the vape juice. Brands often engage in both sectors to offer a comprehensive range of products, but each requires distinct expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

Advantages of OEM E-Liquids

OEM e-liquids offer a plethora of advantages for vape brands. Firstly, they allow brands to create bespoke e-liquid ranges that cater specifically to their customer base. This customisation aspect is crucial in an industry where flavour and quality are paramount for customer loyalty and brand differentiation.

Moreover, opting for OEM e-liquids circumvents the hefty upfront costs associated with setting up production facilities. This includes investments in bottling machines, label printers, and compliance with regulatory requirements. By partnering with established manufacturers, brands can avoid these expenses while still ensuring high-quality production standards.

Additionally, this approach allows brands to be agile in responding to market trends and customer preferences. They can introduce new flavours or adjust formulations without the need for extensive investment in research and development. This flexibility is invaluable in an industry that is constantly evolving, with new trends and regulations emerging regularly.

In summary, OEM e-liquids represent a strategic approach for vape brands to expand their product offerings without the complexities and costs of in-house production. By leveraging the expertise of manufacturers, brands can focus on what they do best – creating a compelling brand experience and connecting with their customers.