What Are Bar Salts?

Bar Salts: Disposable Vape Flavours in 10ml Nic Salt Bottles

Bar Salts are a new edition of nic salt e-liquids that closely mimic the rich flavours of disposable vapes. They are growing more and more popular in the UK and now Vape Manufacturing can help you to start your own bar salts range with 30 of the UK’s best selling disposable vape flavours available inboth 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths.

Create your own Bar Salts range with Vape Manufacturing and choose from the UK’s best selling disposable vape flavours in 10ml bottles.

Why are they called bar salts?

The name bar salts originates from their association with the rich flavours found in disposable vapes, aka puff bars or vape bars. Disposable vapes are well known for their intense flavours and use a form of nicotine known as salt nicotine, aka nic salt or salt nic, which helps to provide high doses of nicotine. Together, the flavour and nicotine delivery provide a much more appealing alternative to smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes.

Disposable vapes or puff bars typically have a more intense flavour as they contain e-liquid in a sealed chamber which has been left to steep into the coil and is fully saturated by the time the end user activates the device. Puff bars may also use stronger flavourings or e-liquids/nic salts with a greater ratio of flavour concentrate to carrier oils (PG and VG) that can be lower in standard 10ml bottles of e-liquid.

Why do people prefer bar salts?

They are growing in popularity as bar salts combine the best of both worlds from disposable vapes and 10ml nic salts. Sold in 10ml bottles just like standard nic salts, bar salts provide the same intense flavours that are associated with disposable vape flavours whilst providing the convenience of a 10ml bottle that can be used in most MTL vape devices including pods, pens and kits.

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference – some people may still prefer the milder flavours of nic salts and may find bar salts to be too intense for them.