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All of our products come with an MSDS – Available to customers and account holders to download at anytime. 

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Safety Data Sheets

Compliance matters to us. That’s why we provide MSDS Sheets and Data Sheets for every single e-liquid we manufacture.

After you have registered for an account with Vape Manufacturing, you’ll be able to download all of our safety documents in just a few clicks!

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What are MSDS/SDS Sheets?

MSDS Sheets are Material Safety Data Sheets, also known as Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Safety Data Sheets are required under UK law by the UK REACH Regulation, regulated by the Health & Safety Executive. It requires that manufacturers supply documents in the “safe supply, handling and use of chemicals.”

REACH regulations are designed to ensure that chemicals used in workplaces are used safely and do not cause harm to people or the environment.

Manufacturers use SDS sheets to make risk assessments, which are a requirement under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). SDSs are used to describe possible hazards and to help employers assess the probability of those hazards occurring. MSDSs are not themselves a safety assessment.

Safety Data Sheets are essential when a manufacturer uses hazardous chemicals (or contain small amounts of a hazardous substance) that are supplied for use at the workplace.