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We have free e-liquid label templates available for all of our products.

These templates are available to customers and account holders to download at any time.

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E-Liquid Label Templates

Once you’ve registered for an account, you’ll get access to our free e-liquid label templates that you can use to create your label designs and upload your logo.

The label templates contain several areas which cannot be edited, including hazard and safety information required under law by Trading Standards in the UK. Scroll down for step by step instructions on how and where to edit your label template.

If you’ve never designed an e-liquid label before, read our guide to 5 e-liquid label mistakes to avoid when making your vape juice labels.

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Label Template Guide

How To Make E-Liquid Label Templates

Personalising Your Label

All the text, barcode and warning symbols in the RED area are required to meet Trading Stands requirements and

cannot be altered, resized or recoloured.

These elements have been outlined and locked (in Illustrator) to avoid accidental changes.


Manufactured for . . . .

This is the area where you add your company’s address details.

The text in this area is editable and ready for you to overtype your details.


This area is where you can personalise your label.

You can choose just to simply add your logo,

or, you can add your own design, making sure you stick to the allocated area and add bleeds as necessary.

Ensure your text or logo does not go within 1.5mm of the edge of the label, as indicated.

Supplying your artwork

Your artwork needs to be supplied as a print-ready PDF with a 2mm bleed and NO trim marks.

Before making your pdf

• Check all colours are CMYK (no RGB or spot colours).

• Check any images used are at least 300dpi.

• Check fonts are outlined.

• Check backgrounds have 2mm bleed.

Saving your PDF

• Check the pdf is set to “Press Quality”.

• Check the pdf is set to 2mm bleed.

• Check there are no trim marks.

NOTE: Colours on your screen may not always match the colours when printed.

Always make sure you check your colours on the screen in CMYK mode.