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We all have to start somewhere! While the idea of creating your vape brand can seem daunting, we have solutions for a variety of budgets and ultra-low MOQs to get started!

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What is
White Label E-Liquid?

White label e-liquid is manufactured by one company, then branded and sold by another as their product. White labelling is not a new concept and is a highly effective route to take for companies who do not specialise in manufacturing but are effective at marketing their product lines. Sometimes referred to as ‘Private Label’, the method of releasing a product range with your brand logo on it, without investing in heavy machinery, technology, warehouse manufacturing facilities, or production staff. This is music to the ears of e-liquid brands who are much more skilled at the art of launching brands and building a loyal consumer base.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

With a minimum order quantity of just 24 bottles for our white label products, Vape Manufacturing provides a unique service to clients both large and small at a realistic price point that allows for a healthy profit on return. 

This makes it incredibly flexible and affordable for new companies to start their vape juice brand from scratch, or for existing companies to test new flavour ranges, bottle sizes, nicotine strengths and more.


Kick Start Your Brand

End to End Service 

The Vape Manufacturing provision has been specifically designed to provide an end-to-end service for both our larger customers as well as small, medium and new start-up brands. Our white label e-liquid service includes:

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Fully Online Ordering Process

No need to go back and forth over email or deal with endless phone calls. You can order bespoke directly on our website, Setting up your account is straightforward, and the process of ordering is intuitive. Our online system allows you the customer to track the progress from point of order to shipping.

The system is fully integrated with our warehouse management system (WMS) and accounting software this enables us to streamline your order reducing errors and shortfalls.

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Product Downloads & Paperwork

One critical element of compliance is the availability of MSDS reports, these reports provide a high-level view of the chemical elements of the flavour ingredients and provide critical information for compliant labelling.

As part of due diligence, most retailers now ask for this documentation as a matter of course. As a transparent manufacturer, these documents are available for our customers to download in just one click.

You may already have your winning design for your e-liquid brand. However, if you don’t, let us do the hard work for you. Our in-house design team have been creating custom e-liquids and vape products since 2016 and knows what works and what doesn’t. 

Our team can also assist you in tweaking any current designs you have to enhance shelf appeal and catch the eyes of potential customers.


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We Can Deal with TPD Compliance For You

Vape Manufacturing can register your white label e-liquids for TPD/TRPR compliance on your behalf, saving you precious time and helping you get your own branded e-liquids on your shelves as fast as possible.

Safety and compliance sit at the very heart of Vape Manufacturing’s practice. The facility and operation are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 (Manufacturing) standards (assessed by Bureau Veritas), in addition, a dedicated compliance officer is in post who ensures that our practice is safe and efficient.

All nicotine-containing liquids are registered by the UK (MHRA) and European regulations and as such are subjected to stringent emissions and toxicological assessments. So you can rest assured that your e-liquids will be made to the highest safety and quality standards.

Streamline The Process

World-Class Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfilment

Our 65,000 sq. ft facility provides warehousing services in bonded (customs warehousing) and non-bonded formats. In addition, distribution and fulfilment services are available. The warehouse management system (WMS) integrates with our online ordering platform to provide you the customer with livestock and progress updates on your order.

Get the help you need

Dedicated Support and Service

Although the system has been designed around a fully online process, the Vape Manufacturing team enjoy nothing more than interacting with our hundreds of customers. This interaction as enabled us to constantly improve, and we welcome all feedback.