How White Label Nic Shots Can Boost Profits

How White Label Nic Shots Can Boost Your Profits

Boost Your Profits With White Label Nic Shots

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Do You Own A Vape Brand? Learn How White Label Nic Shots Can Boost Your Profits!

If you own a vape brand or e-liquid shop, white-label nic shots could be your ticket to increasing profits and expanding your catalogue to give your customers more choice. 

Nicotine shots are bottles of pure nicotine and they open the door to upgrading your customers to shortfill e-liquids. Here’s how.

Upgrading Your Customers To Shortfill E-Liquids

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Nic shots open the door to upgrading your customers from standard 10mls to shortfill e-liquids. Most vapers, especially those who have transitioned from smoking, tend to start with lower cost 10ml e-liquids. 

These are great for a variety of situations and let your customers mix and match their flavours. But 10mls are not the cheapest way for your customers to get e-liquid.

What’s more, from a business perspective, 10ml e-liquids have a small per unit cost and a tight profit margin. This can limit a vape brand’s ability to set competitive prices. 

Opening The Door To Shortfill E-Liquids

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White label shortfill e-liquids, however, avoid this problem whilst giving your customers more options for their e-liquids. Shortfill e-liquids come in a range of sizes, including 40ml, 50ml, 80ml and 100ml bottle sizes.

Their higher price point gives your brand more options to set prices competitively and leave yourself a tidy profit margin. Your customers leave happy as they have got more e-liquid for their money and they have more control over the nicotine strength they want by using nic shots.

Our white label shortfills intentionally leave extra room in the bottles to add a nic shot directly into the bottle, with 100ml shortfills having capacity to add two nic shots. This is where nic shots come in.

Nic Shots Are The Perfect Product Add On

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Nic shots open the door to introduce your customers to shortfills and are the perfect add on for both offline and online vape stores. White label nic shots you can order for wholesale and one of the cheapest products on the shelf of any vape shop, usually costing just 99p a bottle.

They are bottles of pure nicotine and come with either a VG or PG base. You can also find nic shots with a salt nicotine base for those who prefer to vape nic salts.

Nicotine shots are the key to offering your customers the option to upgrade to shortfills. By including them as add on extras on product pages, you can increase the average spend of your customers.

The low price point makes them a risk-free option for customers and they will become a dependable, ‘bread and butter’ product for your store.

Customers are unlikely to upgrade to shortfills without the option to add nic shots. Many people vape specifically with nicotine, as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. So it’s important you can offer them to customers looking to upgrade to zero-nicotine shortfills but still want to vape with nicotine.

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Get White Label Nic Shots at Wholesale Prices

When you choose Vape Manufacturing as your e-liquid supplier, you’ll can choose between both unlabelled and white label options for your nic shots. Our white label nic shots give you the option to add simple or intricate labelling options to your product.

With simple labels, you can upload your logo after placing an order and we’ll design your labels for you with your logo branding and choice of flavour-based colour schemes. If you prefer something more unique, our intricate label options are the answer. We will work closely with you to design, print, fill, label and ship your custom branded bottles to your door.

You can also add TPD registration to your order for any products. If you choose this option, we will take care of registering your products with the MHRA for TPD compliance on your behalf. This will save you time and energy which can instead be put into marketing your brand and building your customer base.

Our unlabelled nic shots can be ordered in bottles without a label, ideal for brands who already have the infrastructure to label their products themselves.

You can also add TPD registration to your order with our unlabelled bottle options. They have a fast turn around and can be delivered the next working day when ordered before 1pm Mon-Thu.