How To Register E-Liquids With MHRA, from Vape Manufacturing

How To Register E-Liquids with the MHRA

TPD & TRPR Laws: How To Register E-Liquids with the MHRA

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How to register e-liquids for TRPR & TPD compliance in the UK & EU

The Tobacco Product Directives, or TPD regulations, were brought into force in 2016 by the EU in an attempt to unify and harmonise tobacco laws across the bloc. After the UK voted to leave the EU, it created its own version of TPD regulations known as TRPR (Tobacco & Related Products Regulations).

This means all e-liquid manufacturers and producers have to register e-liquids and nicotine products with the MHRA in order to sell them in the UK.

You can register vaping products with the MHRA yourself, or if you choose Vape Manufacturing as your e-liquid supplier, we can save you time and do it for you!

How can I register e-liquids with the MHRA?

How To Register E-Cigarettes for TPD With the UK MHRA
The MHRA provides video tutorials and guides to walk you through the submission process and how to register you e-cigarette products with the UK MHRA.

The biggest hurdle for nicotine containing products is in compiling the technical files needed to list e-liquids with the MHRA. This includes testing and emissions reports, as well as then the successful listing as a ‘submitted notified’ product with on the MHRA database.

You can do this by contacting the MHRA and submitting a product listing with them, with the relevant toxicology reports and testing information.

Or, you can add TPD registration to your order when choosing Vape Manufacturing as your e-liquid supplier and we’ll take care of it for you.

Can you register my e-liquids with the MHRA on my behalf?

Yes, we can. When purchasing e-liquids from Vape Manufacturing, you can take advantage of our white label service which allows you to add TPD registration to your order. We will then register your e-liquids with the MHRA on your behalf, saving you time and money.

All nicotine-containing products in our portfolio have all been through this testing process and are listed as ‘submitted notified’ with the MHRA. Vape Manufacturing will, after review, add your product name as an additional brand to the MHRA list. Once published, your products will have passed the first critical hurdle for legal compliance in the UK.

Adding your brand to our already ‘submitted notified’ products is managed by us and is usually completed in 48 hours. You will receive an email verification from us informing you of the submitted notified status of your products(s) from which point you can legally sell your range on the open market in the UK.

register e-liquids with the MHRA

How to check if an e-liquid is registered with the MHRA?

It’s straightforward to check if e-liquids and vape products are listed on the MHRA database. There are two simple ways to check vape products against the MHRA’s official lists:

  • Searching on the official MHRA website (there are two lists, a legacy list and a new list – be sure to check both).
  • The VapeClick website which combines both MHRA lists into one, to make it simple and easy to find registered liquids and e-cigarettes.
lab testing e-liquids for tpd laws to register e-liquids

Register your e-liquids in the EU

Vape Manufacturing also offer the ability to have your products registered in EU countries. There is however additional work required on ensuring your labels are compliant with the market you wish to sell in. Some EU countries require up to six months from point of submission before the products can be sold.

Why does e-liquid compliance matter?

Compliance sits at the very heart of our product range. This is primarily to ensure our customers receive high quality and safe vaping products, as well as to ensure our e-liquids are produced and sold in accordance with UK regulations and are legal for our customers to sell.

Safe and compliant e-liquids are essential for the continued growth of the UK vaping industry. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes, according to Public Health England.

If we want to continue providing safer alternatives to smoking for millions of people around the UK, it’s essential the vaping market is well regulated and isn’t selling unsafe products, especially to those who are underage.

TRPR laws are designed to create basic standards across the industry to protect end consumers from unsafe products. Though some of the laws could be streamlined and improved, having a framework to build regulations around is important to guarantee the stability and future of vaping in the UK.